?Who Knew?
I discovered yesterday that the older minidisc decks, such as the MDS-JE510, don't or can't read anything written in MDLP format. I had encountered this problem before on tour, but it was with a Denon deck, which I assumed was a proprietary problem. Nope. Seems the decks around here, and a lot of theaters, are pre-MDLP era devices. So, I can only play three of my minidiscs on the decks in the studio, because I'm stingy with my disc space and always write in MDLP. They are as follows: Cat Power, The Cover Album; Tori Amos, Scarlet's Walk; and a promotional minidisc from Rolling Stone magazine. It's labelled volume one. I wonder when they plan to release another one. haha.
I called Full Compass yesterday to price out a new compressor. The hold music was Michael Nyman's score to The Piano. Tasteful, but an odd choice.
I lost one of my needles. In a size that I use all the time. Out of a project that I'm trying to finish (but not trying very hard). Of course, I would lose a cream colored needle in a room with ecru linoleum (Can lino be referred to as having a color as classy as ecru or beige?). I tore the place apart looking for it, to no avail. I'll just have to order another set, I guess, since this is the second needle I've lost out of a five needle set. Oh well.


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