My New Yorker arrived today, when I had the time to devote to reading it in one sitting. That was the highlight of my day. My head aches. I would say that I haven't had a headache in years, but I had one yesterday. This is very unusual for me. It's decentralized, as though I can feel my brain inside of my skull. This is moderately annoying.
One of the socks in my tax return pair is complete. I didn't measure my mother's feet first, so I had to guess at the proper size. Luckily, my crazy stagehand reckoning was correct: it fit like a glove when she tried it on. I have a week to finish the second one, now in a nascent stage.
Despite the headache, I managed to get a few things accomplished, like spending the afternoon reading in bed and pursuing job leads online. That is the downside to freelance work: one must continue to seek employment while employed. I made a lot of phone calls today, mostly to answering machines and voicemail. I had absolutely no luck reaching one of my friends. His number at work was busy all day. I can't help but wonder if I didn't have the wrong number. Calling someone at work is the fall back plan; it's hard to dodge calls there. My remaining options are carrier pidgeons and smoke signals.

I listened to the following music today:
Covers Album, Cat Power
Amplified Heart, Everything But The Girl
Gordon, Barenaked Ladies
Central Reservation, Beth Orton
Time Out, Dave Brubeck Quartet

I think it's time to change the discs in my cd changer.


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