I finally finished the super-tight striped socks that I was working on, and true to form, replaced that project with a new one. I'm now knitting a pair of white, ribbed socks (using a pattern this time), using KFI Gelato Cotone for the cuffs. The rainbow variegation has worked into a spiral stripe around the sock, which I hadn't anticipated but have decided to like. The yarn is very soft and knits fast. So all of my other projects are on the back burner for the moment.
I've been on a big self-maintenance kick these past few days. My trip to the dentist led to a prscription toothpaste and reinforced my recurring dream about all of my teeth falling out. This requires an elaborate pre-bed brushing routine and vigorous flossing. The box that the prevident came in claims that it has been clinically proven to reverse enamel carries in three months. So, I'm trying very hard to remain devoted to this routine. And since I was already spending so much time in the bathroom, I decided to return to my on-again-off-again skin regimen. This should be good for Clinique!
While I was waiting for my prescription to be filled at the ubiquitous Walgreens, I wandered the store in search of entertainment, that is, impulse purchases. My haircolor badly needed maintenance and had begun to look, well, fake. I wanted something that looked more natural (difficult, since my natural color is dimly remembered at best) and scanned the Feria shelf in search of the elusive perfect color. I ended up with a chocolatey brown color, which is shocking after ten plus years of blonde hair. It took me a day or two to decide that I like it. We'll see how long this lasts.
Another thing that I wonder the duration of is the stream of job offers that I have received lately. I just had to turn down another job this morning, due to the last minute nature of the offer. Advance notice is good, but I understand how these things get pushed off to the last minute. That email also proves that people do indeed read the callboard on backstagejobs.com, about which I had begun to wonder. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that an offer will come along soon that I can accept.


Yesterday, I had a meeting in Lakeview to sign the contract for one of my jobs. This required one of my absolute favorite activities---city driving. I was in my mom's car, which I cannot parallel park without making about ten passes at the space, and also has the mystery horn. Where on the wheel should you press to sound the horn? It's a mystery! And a horn is very necessary in Chicago. The whole thing put me in a bad mood.
I also explored a new yarn shop, Arcadia Knitting, in Andersonville. It's a very cute place where all of the merchandise is arranged by color.I'd hoped to find yarn for the shell that I plan to make, but it was too hot to make any decisions.Maybe when it is cooler, I will return.
A few weeks ago, I pitched an idea to the Division of Performing Arts, aka my school, for a photo project documenting their big new play festival. I really wanted to do it, because I haven't photographed any theatre since November. So, I sent emails and mailed off a cd of my photos as part of the pitch. Then I didn't hear anything, and started booking jobs in Chicago. I got an email last night from my former boss in Iowa, saying that she really wanted me to come do the festival gig. Unfortunately, I just agreed to work as an assistant designer that week here in Chicago. Turning down work should be a good thing, right? A sign of success, that I am working steadily. Instead, it made me very unhappy, because I really wanted to return for festival, but I also need to think about getting my design career moving. To console myself, I stayed up late into the night playing with the Mother's Day card kit I picked up at Paper Source. Let's hope that I still like the cards when I'm not frustrated and tired.


Today is very hit or miss. I continue to play phone tag with people who I hope will employ me. The tech information arrived today--unexpectedly quickly--for a show that I am designing in August. As usual, I was multitasking, and got a deep paper cut and bled all over the envelope. Another argument for the digital revolution. Things are starting to look up on the employment front. I've booked two jobs, possibly a third. So, this is a
pretty lousy time for my Palm Pilot to act up. An old-fashioned engagement calendar is making its way from the amazon warehouse to me as I type.
Fortunately, the weather is wonderful. My Holga camera has sat on the shelf sadly for months, waiting for the procession of overcast days to end. Perhaps I will make a dent in the brick of MS100/1000 chrome film in my freezer sometime soon!I optimistically took the Holga along to a
lunch in Chinatown a couple of weeks ago, but I doubt that I made any good exposures. Sometimes, it's just about the zen of photography. Lately, I haven't made any images with which I have been satisfied. All of my work has been too much in my head. I've also been fussing over my film scanner, so that I can get my images online and on to discs to send out with my resume. Who wants to hire a designer without seeing any of their work? Also, I'd like to replace these rock photos (very inoffensive) with some of my own images. I've been knitting up a storm lately, which is good since I have so many works in progress.
Currently on the needles: a mint and lavender striped sock, a ribbed green and pink sock, a pair of blue cotton socks for my grandmother that I must finish by mother's day, and a pair of handbags made from a free pattern off the frugalhaus site. I didn't cast on enough
stitches for the ribbed socks, so they fit like a glove. They also look really ugly on, so I think that they will only be worn with docs. The cotton yarn that I am using to make the blue socks splits like crazy, to the point that I almost dread working on them.
Projects that I have planned: a sweater found in Interweave, a sort of shrug with the body of a shell attached, in dark blue; a shell (but I haven't found the right yarn yet); a rolled brim hat out of gorgeous kureyon yarn; many, many pairs of socks. I keep telling myself that I must finish the projects I have going before beginning any more, but I think that I am working at a replacement rate.

I'm just beginning this blog today, and I haven't written any entries for it. Advanced planning can be a bit of a stretch. Luckily, I've already done my taxes! Come back later to check out a finished site with entries about photography, theatrical design, and knitting.

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