Well, it's 841 am, and instead of making my way to work, as I should be, I am spinning my wheels at home. Today is the day that we move into the theater, when I'd like to be there to take blocking notes, but I'm in crisis mode. Simply put, there was a freak accident involving my cell phone and a bowl of water. The phone is, predictably, dead as a doornail. I had a small anxiety attack, then called my service provider. This is the week that I absolutely cannot be without a phone. What could I have done to deserve this? Plenty, I'm sure. Now I wait for the local store to open so that I can get a loaner phone, subject to availability, and get on my way to the far reaches of the north side. This sucks. A lot.
I've just started a scarf, to be given as a gift, out of sirdar snowflake, after making several unsatisfactory swatches last night from the self-striping mohair that I'd planned to use. Maybe I've gotten over knitting mohair scarves. It's a pain to work with, and terrible to tear out. So, I threw it back in my basket, where it will sit until I need to make another hat.
I'm going to go shovel the driveway. A lot of snow was dumped on us last night, and it still appears to be falling outside my window (of course, it could just be blowing off the roof). It was the sound of a neighbor's pick-up truck plowing attempts that finally roused me from my bed this morning. That is a dreadful noise, but seeing as the local municipal government seems unaware of my street at times like these, I am glad that someone's doing it.


One of my postings has disappeared into the great ether of the internet and I haven't the energy to recreate it tonight. Today was a precious day off, which will not be repeated until after the show is up and running. I cannot wait to get back into my normal routine! So, I spent most of the day in bed with the latest issue of the New Yorker, intentionally avoiding the love themed insert. I will not lose it over this holiday. I also finished the bag that was my mom's present just in the nick of time. It was to be felted, but I hadn't the time to felt it and dry it. Also, I didn't know how furry my mom wanted it. Different people have different ideas about how felted an object should be. I'm still of a mixed opinion about the last bag that I felted. I'd not considered the mohair content in the yarn I used (though, with a name like Mountain Mohair, I don't know how that slipped my mind), so it ended up lofty instead of fuzzy. I also finished one of the production presents that I was working on. It turned out kind of big and funny looking, but I'm used to hats made to fit my head....
Very little theatre related thought or activity today, which is a relief. I searched for my post it flags and thought about production gifts, that's the extent of it. I have to make my way to the theatre through this weather, leaving my house at the ungodly hour of 8 am. Luckily, it's an election year, so the streets should be cleared within the city limits. Past them, who knows?


I'd hoped to increase the frequency of the updates on this page, but that evidently is not working out. The opening date for my show looms ever larger on the horizon. How can we open in less than three weeks? As a result, I'm cracking down. Efficient use of time seems a lost cause with the group, but I am giving numerous line notes. I scribbled furiously last night as we ran the largely neglected third act. I feel peevish giving the notes, because line notes require nit-picky reading of the script. However, the show presented should feature the language of its author, not the gist of it.
A side effect of the intensified (for me, at least) rehearsal schedule is that I see my mother very little. She and I are on opposite schedules. She leaves while I am still coccooned in a big pile of blankets in the morning, and I return after she's already gone to bed. After one of her coworkers called at 1230 am, I went in to talk to her briefly. I think that she was a bit peeved that I was keeping her awake to ask her how to convert a pattern so that it could be knit circularly. Not the interest so much, as I was excited by the idea, but interest in a project that is currently at the bottom of my list of priorities. Basically, I want to make a shell with color blocks of dark, grey/purple and light lilac. I have four balls of the purple and three of the lilac and want the lilac section to start as high on the garment as possible. Sounds like one of the story problems I hated in grade school! Well, what I've learned of the adult world is that life is one big story problem. So, my solution is to knit the garment in the round, thereby knitting the front and back at the same time, so I don't have to worry about rationing yarn. Also, I hate seams. I have a project that's been finished for while that needs only to be assembled. Outlook unclear. Actually, it's very close to the lilac in the planned project, so I may have that as an incentive to finish it. When I get around to it.


The chenille monster is finished! I'm going to think long and hard before attempting another chenille project.
I burned a few cds to give to my grandmother last night. She's still building her cd collection after over a decade of avoiding the technology. Vinyl sounds better, I agree, but it's hard to get anything on vinyl in our neck of the woods. As I put my cd burner to work, my eye fell upon the manufacturer included case inserts. All wrong. So, I dug out my usb adapter and film scanner to make another stab at installing them. I want to make my own cover art! My usb adapter has mysteriously, miraculously decided to work. I will never, ever complain about computer quirks that go my way. The scanner is another matter though. After installing and uninstalling, restarting the comp., etc., it still can't find its driver. If it sin't one thing it's another. However, my one of my sound programs has a label maker, with some decent clip art included. It doesn't satisfy my artistic urge, but it gets the job better than trying to print small on a little insert. Actually, this label maker, which can pull the track info from cddb, is pretty awesome. I can make labels for all sorts of media, like tapes or minidiscs. Maybe I won't get too upset about my film scanner giving me grief after all.

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