Sorry for the radio silence. I've been totally entranced by my new toy, a Roku, recently acquired with birthday cash. My good pal Meghan got one a couple months ago and has been singing its praises. I vaguely remembered when the Roku was launched as a Netflix box a few years ago, before they released the new, lower price-point model. Now I understand what the big fuss is about. If you have Netflix and eighty bucks, I strongly suggest that you check out the Roku. I can stream Netflix on my television now, allowing me to lounge on the couch instead of slumping in front of my steam-powered PC. I spent the first weekend I had it watching BBC programs obsessively. Pure bliss.

This has also done great things for my knitting output. I finally made the Wicked pullover for which I stashed three balls of Dream in Color Classy two years ago. It's a great pattern, likely to be repeated. My grandmother and aunt complemented me on it today when I wore it to brunch. The real secret of great knitwear is that it can look great and feel like an old sweatshirt at the same time. The DiC is a bit stiffer than the Malabrigo Wicked that I made over the holidays, but I haven't had a chance to wash and block it yet. Maybe it will soften up a bit.

Currently on the needles is another project that had languished in my queue. A year ago, I bought a couple skeins of Blue Moon Worsted Wear to make a Wicked. Now, I realize that a variegated yarn is all wrong for that pattern and am making another Summer Top Down Cardigan. What makes is summery? Short sleeves, though my previous interpretation of this pattern in some Noro yarn has long sleeves. We'll see how far the yarn will go.

In other knitting news, I tore out the February Lady Sweater I was working on. I love the pattern, but I think that a garter stitch yoke is inherently unflattering on anyone with a large chest. Or maybe just that garter stitch yoke, since its edge hit me in a really odd place. Too bad, since it has a lovely lace pattern. Now I must decide what to do with six skeins of Malabrigo Worsted yarn. I am considering Wendy Bernard's Favorite Cardigan, a cardigan-ized version of the Wicked (see? obsessed!), or a Top Down Wrap Cardigan. The last on the list would be super cozy, but I am concerned about pilling caused by the wrap action. Malabrigo pills like a mo-fo in stockinette! Such is the price of softness.


The first Shamrock Shake of the year! Strangely fancy this year, but that whipped cream and maraschino cherry do not hide its minty goodness (or that it matches my living room walls). Even though they can be a little disgusting, I love Shamrock Shakes because they're only available around my birthday. After I saw a crazy, all-green display in the windows of Hollywood Mirror today, I realized that it was shamrock season. McDonalds sucked me in yet again.

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