Yesterday, I had a meeting in Lakeview to sign the contract for one of my jobs. This required one of my absolute favorite activities---city driving. I was in my mom's car, which I cannot parallel park without making about ten passes at the space, and also has the mystery horn. Where on the wheel should you press to sound the horn? It's a mystery! And a horn is very necessary in Chicago. The whole thing put me in a bad mood.
I also explored a new yarn shop, Arcadia Knitting, in Andersonville. It's a very cute place where all of the merchandise is arranged by color.I'd hoped to find yarn for the shell that I plan to make, but it was too hot to make any decisions.Maybe when it is cooler, I will return.
A few weeks ago, I pitched an idea to the Division of Performing Arts, aka my school, for a photo project documenting their big new play festival. I really wanted to do it, because I haven't photographed any theatre since November. So, I sent emails and mailed off a cd of my photos as part of the pitch. Then I didn't hear anything, and started booking jobs in Chicago. I got an email last night from my former boss in Iowa, saying that she really wanted me to come do the festival gig. Unfortunately, I just agreed to work as an assistant designer that week here in Chicago. Turning down work should be a good thing, right? A sign of success, that I am working steadily. Instead, it made me very unhappy, because I really wanted to return for festival, but I also need to think about getting my design career moving. To console myself, I stayed up late into the night playing with the Mother's Day card kit I picked up at Paper Source. Let's hope that I still like the cards when I'm not frustrated and tired.


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