Today is very hit or miss. I continue to play phone tag with people who I hope will employ me. The tech information arrived today--unexpectedly quickly--for a show that I am designing in August. As usual, I was multitasking, and got a deep paper cut and bled all over the envelope. Another argument for the digital revolution. Things are starting to look up on the employment front. I've booked two jobs, possibly a third. So, this is a
pretty lousy time for my Palm Pilot to act up. An old-fashioned engagement calendar is making its way from the amazon warehouse to me as I type.
Fortunately, the weather is wonderful. My Holga camera has sat on the shelf sadly for months, waiting for the procession of overcast days to end. Perhaps I will make a dent in the brick of MS100/1000 chrome film in my freezer sometime soon!I optimistically took the Holga along to a
lunch in Chinatown a couple of weeks ago, but I doubt that I made any good exposures. Sometimes, it's just about the zen of photography. Lately, I haven't made any images with which I have been satisfied. All of my work has been too much in my head. I've also been fussing over my film scanner, so that I can get my images online and on to discs to send out with my resume. Who wants to hire a designer without seeing any of their work? Also, I'd like to replace these rock photos (very inoffensive) with some of my own images. I've been knitting up a storm lately, which is good since I have so many works in progress.
Currently on the needles: a mint and lavender striped sock, a ribbed green and pink sock, a pair of blue cotton socks for my grandmother that I must finish by mother's day, and a pair of handbags made from a free pattern off the frugalhaus site. I didn't cast on enough
stitches for the ribbed socks, so they fit like a glove. They also look really ugly on, so I think that they will only be worn with docs. The cotton yarn that I am using to make the blue socks splits like crazy, to the point that I almost dread working on them.
Projects that I have planned: a sweater found in Interweave, a sort of shrug with the body of a shell attached, in dark blue; a shell (but I haven't found the right yarn yet); a rolled brim hat out of gorgeous kureyon yarn; many, many pairs of socks. I keep telling myself that I must finish the projects I have going before beginning any more, but I think that I am working at a replacement rate.


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