I'm spending a bit more time with my roommates now, which is good. I had a really light day yesterday, and another today as well. So, I hung out in the apartment, did a bit of reading, etc. The production barbeque was rained out, so several techies ended up in my living room, playing board games. This was delightful until the sole actor in the apartment came out and informed us that, due to company rules, he was kicking us out. He needed to sleep. Well, the rules say we have to be quiet, not vacate the premises. And I find it very curious that the company rules exclude any time that techies might be home and awake (11 pm to 6 am, quiet hours). I'm lucky to get home before eleven! So, we all mocked him mercilessly after he stomped off to his room. I'd never heard of a Scrabble game being too loud.
After that, I went out to the local bar and engaged in moderately bad behavior. I drank a couple side cars and spent the evening talking to one of the overhire techs. It was intelligent conversation, but I don't really want it to lead anywhere. After being kicked out of the bar, I hung out with one of my roommates on the porch, as to avoid the wrath of Actor Boy. She's really awesome, but it was getting to be late, even for me.
Fortunately, I'd made all of my phone calls before getting trashed. I get an itch in my dialing finger after a couple of drinks that can be a bit embarassing. I had a nice chat with the boy before engaging in wild Scrabble. It was good to hear his voice, even if neither of us had much to say. Even though I'm meeting some kick ass people here, they don't replace my Chicago friends.
So, my room in company housing doesn't have a phone jack. Quel drag. I plan to move my laptop and printer down to the sound studio, where I'll have room to set it up and an ethernet connection. In the meantime, I have to tap into the phone line in the kitchen, as the jack in the upstairs hallway, adjacent to my room, does not work. This is an inconvenience to Actor Boy, I guess, who just came into the kitchen and inquired if my phone jack doesn't work. Actor Boy has the best room in the apartment, you see, so it wouldn't occur to him that not everyone has well-appointed, or even well-equipped digs. I'm glad my presence irritated him, because I was pretty irritated about his kicking us out last night. I suppose we'll be subject to touchy-feely house meetings next, of the type that I frequently avoided in college. I prefer my drama onstage, not off.


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