I've had a dramatic couple of days since my last post. I found out that there's a huge bureaucratic hold-up on my tax refund because of some sort of error on my federal returns, but the IRS agent I talked to couldn't give me any specific information. Sigh. And I was waiting to hear back on a job offer for summer stock in the Berkshires. It was a lot of waiting.
Luckily, a couple of my friends from college called me at 1am, in some sort of drunken state. Many laughs were had. I miss the good old days, but they didn't seem so great at the time. Going out to the bar every weekend is exhausting and expensive, but I miss those late night conversations now. I subsequently spoke to each of them sober. Sounds like I missed out on a crazy night. I'm done with the stray cat strut though.
I got the job that I was waiting on, after I'd decided that I wasn't going to. They waited to call my references for a couple of days, which had me feeling low. All for naught, I thought, but that wasn't the case. I took one of them out for lunch today as a thank you. We ate at Clarke's in Evanston, then walked around enjoying the weather. It is a beautiful day, and Evanston is so damn lovely. Lovely as long as you're not trying to make a left-hand turn. So, we sat out on a little traffic island park, appreciating a bronze horse sculpture expertly made to resemble driftwood. Our enthusiasm scared off a studious looking college student reading The Seagull. I've never understood why Chekhov isn't famous for his short fiction instead of his drama. Maybe because all of the competition from the great bears of Russian literature.
I accidentally left one of my tax return socks at a friend's house, which meant that I had to temporarily halt work on the second one. I don't want them freakishly mismatched, but I also feel like lying around intead of driving to the west side. Perhaps tomorrow. I do need to finish them by Sunday. And clean out my car and do massive amounts of laundry and sorting. Oh.....


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