Another rainy day here in New England. It's so uninspiring, but how much inspiration is required for hanging and cabling a bunch of speaker cabinets? Yeah, we're still putting the plot in the air, which involves several ladders, catwalks, and an incredibly cool Genie that ways a ton. The Genie is nothing like the piece of shit that I used to ride in undergrad: it has little padded feet instead of outriggers (not that we ever had the outriggers on in school---safety is for sissies!), and a scissors type thing that allows you to extend the reach of the genie horizontally, even while in the air. It's wicked, but I doubt that I'll spend much time in it. I haven't miraculously recovered from my fear of heights, but then, I didn't expect to. Actually, it's more of a fear of ladders. I don't trust myself not to fall. It's a bit of a professional handicap, though I suppose that a fear of falling fromm great heights is a function of survival instinct.
So, I'm sitting in fluorescent lit office listening to a little Dave Brubeck. I want to expand my jazz collection, and Brubeck seems to do no wrong. High on my list are the following albums: Jazz goes to College, Time In, Jazz Impressions of Japan, and Jazz Impressions of New York. I may be able to pick them up at a tiny old man record store in a neighboring town run out of an old Victorian house. I'd like to avoid amazon.com, in any case. In the meantime, I'm partaking of a little Time Out.


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