I'm still sick, and the show goes into previews tonight. I've got a to-do list that spans several pages of legal pad and cramps. Waa-waa-waa. Since I had a cathartic little cry last night, I'm feeling much better. I brought my laptop and printer down to the studio, where I can network them (yeah, ethernet and aol radio!). Sat through another long production meeting, though this one started eleven pm. My time of night, but not on a day that started with a nine am company meeting. The meeting lasted two hours and had a soporific effect. It was pretty much what I expected. They want us to love the company. I'm not sure that I love it yet, but I do enjoy my job, despite its challenges.
I went to purchase a new set of wireless speakers for the show today. They have a lot more power than the current set, and much longer range. They should, since they each require $40 worth of batteries (that's priced for rechargeables, though that's a run budget issue). I haven't given them the long distance test yet, due to the need to keep them close to an outlet...at two yards, they sound fabulous! haha! I'm sending them a feed of AolRadio from my laptop now.
I tripped in the parking lot while carrying my purchases into the production center and skinned my knee. I haven't done that in years. My ego is slightly bruised as well, but thankfully, there were no witnesses and no damage to the equipment. I'll let you guess which concerned me more.


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