I received a strange little parcel from the UK today. I assumed that it was the cd that I'd asked Ave to send me, but after much wrestling with tape, I discovered that it was the head cleaner that I'd purchased on eBay. Now my minidisc player can have a clean head! I've owned it for about nine months, but never cleaned it, so I suppose it's about time. I am very pleased with this development.
Several people have remarked upon how confusing the european style dating in my posts is, so I've decided to change the style. I can only be so pretentious in one blog, I guess.
I was going through the bin that I keep in the backseat of my car, when I came across an old phone bill, dating from the period that I worked in New York. I made many, many phone calls in one month, and I do not recognize many of the numbers. I don't even recognize some of the numbers that I called repeatedly. It's hard to get nostalgic over a phone bill, but after a few minutes' scrutiny, I recalled situations and conversations. I don't call many of those phone numbers any more.
I've finally gotten around to gathering supplies for my current job (it's important to be well-equipped as a stage manager). I picked up a couple of green steno pads at Target, the kind with all sorts of "tricky" spelling words on the covers. I used to adore those notebooks when I was nine or ten, though I don't recall the word list ever being helpful. I know how to spell banana and maintenance already!
While I was at Target, I also picked up some hair color. Now that the weather is warming up, I really regret thinking that chocolate brown hair was a good idea last autumn. Sure it looked great, but that color's never coming out of my hair! I was really upset about a boy at the time, and feeling that I couldn't affect changes in my life, I decided to effect changes in my hair. So, I chopped off four or five inches of hair and went from having hair the color of clover honey to that of a hershey's bar. It was dramatic. It was a mistake. The color I have now is okay, but it doesn't really match the mental image I have of my hair, left over from the previous summer (and most of my adult life). Oh well. Thank god I didn't dye my hair blue like I'd planned!


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