Today is a red letter day. When I opened the front door to bring in the mail, threepadded envelopes fell in on me, all of them yarn that I'd sent away for! I'm trying to stave off a bad case of startitis, but the giant red ball of Brown Sheep burly spun is irresistable. Maybe I'll take it to stitchnbitch tomorrow. So, my mailman brought me in his little bag: big, bulky wool, gorgeous hand-dyed shaefer yarn, and a skein of cherry tree hill green mountain madness. I'm a sucker for blues and greens, and the name reminded me of the People's Republic of Vermont, of which I am oddly fond. So, I'll be working my wrist and elbow into a twinge winding all of my new acquisitions into balls. Why don't the manufacturers package the yarn in a ready-to-use fashion? Sometimes it's nice to wind the ball so that you can see all of the color variations in a skein, like Kureyon, but I'm not too interested in seeing 123 yds of uniform color. Just a wee complaint.


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