I've been on a bit of a yarn binge lately. It can safely be said that I might not go into a LYS for the rest of the year and be well supplied. I bought some yarn from ebay, which can be hit or miss, as past experiences have proven. The last time I did that, the lovely chestnut rowan yarn turned out to be 1970s burnt orange. A really big cone of it that collected dust on my dresser until my mom decided that she could make a shawl out of it. I'll reserve the right to make comment on that until the garment is actually made. Right-- so I purchased a skein of Shaefer hand-dyed wool, which I have used before, as well as a skein of Cherry Tree Hill supersock. Of course, people tried to outbid me at the last minute and drove the price up after it had been at a nice, low level for days. Oh well. It was still below retail. Yesterday, my mother and I went to the LYS in Orland Park, where four skeins of Araucania nature wool joined my collection. It's a hand-dyed wool made in Chile, with lovely natural color variations within the generous skeins. I'm thinking of making a New Wave Scarf (a ChicKnits pattern available for purchase from that website) for a distant friend.
I am currently working on a pair of socks in Bartlett wool, a very hardy yarn made with the last mule spinner in North America. The socks will be very warm when they are finished, but that may be a few days. I decided to do a color block for the heel and ended up with many, many tails to weave in. Alas, I must repeat that mistake for the second sock. Outsmarted myself again.
I went through my WIP basket and found projects that I knew I had no intention of finishing. So I made a big, big step and threw them away. When I came back from my aunt's house, I found that my mom had pulled these rejects out of the trash and unravelled the yarn. She pulled out the scratchiest of the lot, of course. Laughter is the best response to this type of behavior.
In other news, I've finally got my printer up and working, in time for resume season. Now is the time that all of the summer theatres advertise their positions, so my little Epson will get a good workout in the next few months. I just can't wait to start wasting paper!


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