My mother and I took a field trip to Best Buy last night. She got a DVD player for xmas, but it wasn’t compatible with our other equipment. Since I’m the resident A/V nerd, I had to help sort this out. She bought a combined dvd/vcr deck and a co-ax adapter. She also bought a case for my minidisc player, which has gotten scratched up sharing a pocket with my keys. Coincidentally, it matches the minidisc case (24 discs!) that my thoughtful cousin Chris gave me.
I set the dvd player up today, in about ten minutes. It was so, so simple! Of course, I had to rent a couple of dvds to test it out. So, I rented Finding Forrester, which turned out to be much better than I had expected. There’s a big difference between watching dvds on my computer and on tv. I’m used to sitting much closer than I ever get to the television.
I’m doing some pre-production work on my latest project. I am stage managing a play in one of the many tiny studio theaters in Chicago. Yes, I said t-h-e-a-t-e-r, not t-h-e-a-t-r-e. Email me if you’d like to have that argument.
The unknown delivery date of my CTH yarn had me increasingly impatient. Instantaneous delivery was not expected, but timely arrival is greatly appreciated. The UPS man brought me a package this afternoon from Handpaint Heaven, just as I’d sighed and decided that he wasn’t coming today. The yarns inside were quite a mélange: five skeins of green mohair with gold streaks through it (shades of my high school colors), totaling 500 meters, one big fat skein of Melange, a rayon/cotton/flax blend, in the Martha’s Vineyard colorway, and an odd little skein that seems to have been thrown in just to bring the lot up to weight. I guess that I’ll make some sort of shell out of the mohair, though it isn’t calling my name. The novelty yarn clearly wants to be a wide, long scarf with lots of fringe for a friend. Or perhaps for me.


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