Over the weekend, I had my first rehearsal for my new project. The space is practically in Evanston, which meant that I had to set my alarm for 620 am, an unusually early hour for me. Since I left my alarm clock in Pittsfield, I had to use my handspring visor as an alarm. Oh, how I hate that alarm tone! It’s just too cheerful for that time of day.
The upshot of being out and about on Saturday is that I had time for a knitting expedition after rehearsal was over. My first stop was Arcadia, where I had one big question regarding the felted bag I knit last week—how to close the bottom. My mom was correct, I should just sew it shut, when I get around to it. In the meantime, it has been relegated to the big wicker basket.
Then I proceeded to another yarn shop, which I won’t name, that I had never visited. I doubt that I will return. The proprietor was crazy, in a grating, loud way, rather than an amusing way. Still, I finally got a skein of lavender burly spun, which I’ve wanted for months, as well as a skein of eros. Inspired by the free pattern on chicknits, I decided to make my own jewelry-type scarf. Since it is knit on big old #13s, I assumed that it would just fly off of my needles. Ha! Eros is a really spangly yarn, but it’s pretty tricky to work with. Half the time, I’m knitting through the middle of the strand. So, I'm slowly working it around my retro metallic aqua needles--they match my tripod--because I can't really knit it while watching tv. So much for instant gratification knitting.
One project that has flown off my needles was the lamb’s pride and Schaefer hand-dye hat that I made as a gift to match a recently completed scarf. Now, I have only to pack it up and ship it off to Canada. There was enough yarn left over that I think I may make a second one as a valentine’s day gift for my grandmother (the yarn is a sophisticated palette of pinks).
I woke up this morning and decided to play with my digital camera, which was conveniently near my pillow. A few impromptu self-portraits later, I remembered all of the drawbacks of the device. The flash would eclipse the sun! And since I have no way to upload the images to my laptop, the session was pure photo zen. I’ve been drooling over a sony cybershot with 4.13 megapixels, but I just don’t have the money. Theatre isn’t the most lucrative profession. I wish that I could sort this out, so that I could add images of my projects to this site, which is a bit bland without them. I’ve a lot of ideas about what I would like to do with my blog. Whether or not I will be able to realize them is another matter entirely.
On a lighter note, I got the dvd of Hedwig and the Angry Itch yesterday. It features an excellent documentary about the development of the piece and its evolution into a film.


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