The sweater is half knitted... I would say that it was at 50% completion, but I know that I'll get bogged down in finishing. And, since it's sleeveless, I don't really care if it marinates for a while.
The quick and easy project that I'd hoped would serve as a sorbet between halves of the sweater has turned out to be a big pain in the ass. I'm making a chenille hat for a friend, and have had all sorts of gauge problems, probably due to the fact that I was using circular needles that were a wee bit too long for the project.The first stab at it had so many loose chains of stitches that it looked like a game of chutes and ladders! And, as I quickly learned, chenille does not endure tearing out.
It's not as though I don't have plenty of other things to occupy my time. I read Ghost Light practically in one sitting today. It's a compelling memoir about a young boy falling in love with the theatre. Apparently, it was a doomed affair, as he is now the chief critic for the NYTimes.
I've also some finishing work to do, phone calls to make, and the oft-delayed trip to the post office to make. Well, tomorrow is another day.


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