Last night, I made a trip to the local yarn store for further supplies. My mother had neglected to get sufficient yardage for her current project, a hooded sweater. The trip was very lucrative for the yarn store. My mother quickly located what she needed, but lingered, hoping to find a yarn that would compliment my new coat. My old coat is charcoal grey, and kind of tweedy, so I could and did wear all sorts of crazy colored scarves with it. Not so the new, camel colored coat. It needs something classy and understated. The saleswoman was very helpful and attentive, leading me to select a viscose ribbon in shades of brown, gold, and eggplant. Would we like it wound? she asked innocently. Oh yes, I replied and she pulled a swift off the shelf and wound the skeins into donuty balls for me. It was an excellent product demonstration. The swift turned, well, swiftly, with the many colors and sheens of the yarn spinning like an old kinetoscope. Marvellous! The swift came home with us. So, I'm working on a hole in one scarf similar to the one that I gave my grandmother for xmas, with a re-engineered hole. It's too cold in Chicago to wear an open collared coat without a scarf.
I've started on a round of presents to be given for valentine's day, and I've also to consider upcoming birthdays of assorted relatives. Which reminds me, I still have an xmas present sitting on my couch. The star treky scarf is finished; I think I'll wear it to rehearsal tonight. I've got an artistic image to maintain! I've forgotten the pattern to a large gauge lace scarf in the middle of the project. The pattern is nowhere to be found, so I'll have to return to the store (not the one visited last night, alas) for further instruction.
The new dvd player is causing further upset... my mom was taping some asinine show that I didn't want to watch. So, I attempted to change the channel. Ha! After a close study of the users manual in two languages, I decided to call the manufacturer, which I won't name. I have many of their products and have dealt with their tech support people before. Their rep informed me that I need to purchase a splitter to install in the cable line in order to watch another channel while using the vcr. I informed him that I could not believe that their product was so poorly engineered, and that it was unacceptable that further accessories were required. Despite the fact that I'd just told him that I'm an a/v professional, he calming explained to me how a switcher works, as though talking to an 8 year old. When I told my grandmother this, she said he probably didn't know what a/v means. A letter of complaint is in the works. This dvd deck has been one damn thing after another.


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