I think that I may resume my long-term boycott of Nestle products. My mom -- and by extension, I-- boycotted them during the eighties. In fact, I don't think that I had any nestle products until I went off to college. So, why do I want to add them to my shit list? This item that I read online this morning: The Guardian (London) reported in December that multinational food giant Nestle continues relentlessly to demand about $6 million from dirt-poor Ethiopia as payment for that government's having nationalized a Nestle subsidiary 27 years ago. (According to the Oxfam humanitarian group, $6 million would feed a million people for a month.)
My long-awaited mountain spinnery yarn purchased off of ebay finally arrived today. It was not skeined, as I had expected. Two of the five skeins were skeined, and the rest of the lot in balls of various sizes. There's no way (except an extremely tedious one) to tell if the seller shorted me or not, which makes me unhappy. I've already swatched it and plan to use it (perhaps with the oameal mountain mohair I snapped up at their factory outlet) to make a Ucan2can shell, from the chicknits pattern. The auctioned yarn is pink, for lack of a better word. I think that it was described as cranberry heather on the tag, a sort of muted mauve.
I accomplished many things yesterday, a rare thing for a long weekend. I cajoled my mother into helping me reconfigure my call book. We cut all of the pages in half, so that only one page of script appeared, then pasted them onto a larger piece of paper, in order to leave room for notes and cues in the margin. I'd picked up a package of two "supreme" glue sticks for 99 cents (how come computers don't have a cent key? my ancient typewriter does). Well, it's a good thing I didn't settle for mundane sticks; pasting 77 pages of script managed to use up both of them.
I also knit up a very fuzzy mohair hat for a female relative with an approaching birthday. Due to the stranding in the yarn, it is self striping, which looks fancier than it is. I made a pair of fairisle socks with a similar sleight of hand. Yarn manufacturers are doing clever things these days! My two felted bags are stalled at about the same level of completion. I hate making I-cord, so they'll probably linger there for a few more days.


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