I've been angry lately. Angry about work, but taking all of those feelings home with me. It hasn't made me the most pleasant person to be around, I'm sure. For that, I apologize. I'd like to think that it falls under the category of righteous indignation, but I'm tired of all of this negativity.
So, I am trying to find more positives in my life. Tuesday, for example, I made a trip to an unbelievable button shop to obtain the perfect buttons for all of the cardigans I have planned. I made a list in my moleskine the other day of the various projects that I have planned/stashed to knit and they were overwhelmingly cardigans. I wonder why that is. In buying the buttons, I will guilt trip myself into knitting the sweaters sooner rather than later. The button store is all refinement and loveliness, not a mason jar in sight. After much consideration, I bought two sets of beautiful, dyed shell buttons and some fabulous Italian vintage coat buttons from the 1950s. They look kind of Mod, so they must be from the late 50s. Pics when I get around to it.
Yesterday, instead of logging even more overtime at work, I had a leisurely lunch at my favorite pub. Why subject myself to hatefulness early? I'm really not interested in spinning my wheels in pursuit of a goal which may not be worth attaining. Sure, I'd love to hang on for renewals, but how long do I want to prolong this kind of stress? That is an excellent example of a middle of the night thought.
On the knitting front, the second sock just needs one big push for completion. Maybe just a medium push. I haven't knitted the past couple of days because I've been exhausted. That doesn't do good things to your gauge, and I don't want to give my grandmother a sock that looks like a snake that ate a gerbil! I'll probably work on it today at the stitching salon. The scarf is totally stalled. I think I'll tear it out again and just do a simple ribbed pattern instead, on my new needles. Yes, the big collection of needles finally arrived, after a snow delay. I envisioned a photo of me lying in a position similar to a snow angel, with the needles fanned around my head. Then I remembered that I have wicked roots rights now and no photo assistant.


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