I found these buttons hidden away in a safe place. I think that they belonged to my great-grandmother and date from the early twentieth century. They're perfect for my ladylike Rowan project coming up, in a teal silk blend tweed. It's so satisfying to find just the right thing hiding in your stash!

These are for my current work in progress, my second Jemima sweater. I love the shape. They'll really punch up the sweater. I let myself off the hook for all the birthday knitting. So, certain family member, you'll have a belated birthday present this year. I've finished the first sleeve and will probably start the second after finishing the last present (yay!) in the next couple of days.

These are the fabulous Italian coat buttons. Sorry for the soft-focus pic. I'm really starting to envy Willie and his macro function on his digital camera. Macro would be awesome for all of the arty knitting photos that are a regular occurrence chez Kirstin. Oh well. When I was scrolling through my photos after this morning's shoot, I heard my Intro Photography professor's voice in the back of my head saying, "I'd like it better if it were in focus". Yeah, me too.


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