I have a second eye

Maybe I was a bit overconfident about my Rowan project, the one with the pretty picture in my last post. I substituted a different yarn for the crazy expensive Rowan one that pattern calls for. That isn't unusual, really. There was the small problem of the row gauge. It didn't match. I was knitting away, all those little stitches, on the first sleeve when I decided to measure it. It was already too long and I still had many increases to go. Whoops. This has happened to me before, when I made Lewis's Classy Drug Rug. Fortunately, they fit him, but since I don't have crazy long ape arms I had to tear the sleeve out. Back to the drawing board.
This just gives me the excuse I needed to get started on the beautiful Isabella. At seven stitches to the inch, it's slow moving. So, far I've knitted the picot hem. Picot hems aren't as hard as I had previously believed. The pattern row, with all of its yarn overs and k2togs was a breeze. The purl row after it though was a slippery affair. We'll see how I feel about it when I start work on the front. I made the hem while under the influence of a few glasses of pino grigio. As a result, I have a slightly slanted hem. I maintain that it will block out, but even if it doesn't, I find it amusing enough not to rip out and fix. It's not so bad as to be noticeable to anyone else.
Oh, all of that white wine? My tolerance for alcohol has returned, quite mysteriously, so I partook of the free wine at the latest opening night party. I hadn't been drunk in a long time and really enjoyed it without making an ass of myself. The lack of sleep and resulting hangover the next day, not so much. Oh, the self pity.


Kate said...

Hey Kirstin -

Are you knitting on Intoxicating? That sweater is too much for me - I'm not the best knitter. I'm going to start out with "The Bag" from the book. I ordered some yarn from my LYS so we'll see when it comes in.

- Kate

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