Today was the first day of spring. It was truly beautiful and refreshing after so many grey months. It was bright and clear and in the mid 50s. The first day of spring is so easily forgotten or overlooked, like the first day of fall. This one I will remember because it was my last day at the major regional theatre which shall remain nameless. Don't worry; I've got another job. It still stings the way that things ended.
There are a few pros about this: I can sleep in for the first time in months on Monday. I'll have more time to knit. I won't have to deal with all the stress or the bullshit of that environment anymore. That may actually be the best part of it.
The big con, of course, is that I won't be working with all of my friends anymore. I really loved my coworkers there. We'd really pulled together over the past six weeks and it's going to hurt not to see them every day anymore.
I'll just knit it out. Have a long, Lush-enhanced soak in the tub. Go to my fabulous new job and make tons of sales for them.
I'll have a knitting related post in the next couple of days.


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