Despite my much-stated goal to do so, I haven't been sleeping in. My body just wakes up when it pleases. Oh well. Also, I am feeling much more industrious these days. I have to do something productive during the day. Today, I started seaming together my nearly completed Jemima sweater. If I don't finish it soon, it will be too warm to wear!

I've also started another project, inspired by the recent button discovery. It is this Rowan, 50s inspired polo-neck sweater, in a lively teal tweed yarn. I really adore this book and would love to make several of the projects within. We'll see how this one turns out first. The sweater knits at 5 1/2 stitches to the inch, a bit finer than most of my other projects. The resulting fabric is very light, so the finished garment won't feel like a cold climate sweater, but a nice piece of knitwear. I'm a real fan of the big, cozy sweater, but it's nice to move away from that to make more refined pieces.

The warmer weather has inspired me to make something Spring-y. I decided upon the Lexie Barnes design in the latest issue of Knitty, a light cotton pullover with lily of the valley lace around the neckline. I've also decided to make some alterations. Her pattern features wingy shoulders edged in picot. I don't do wingy, and I think twice about sleeveless. So, I'm going to add sleeves, probably three quarter length ones, but maybe full length. Once Jemima is finished, I will start on it.

I've already got the yarn! I ordered a mill pack of Rowan 4 ply cotton, in this sophisticated light mauve. I wanted a color that would go well with the lace design, but not too pastel to wear in other seasons. My mailman left a slip saying that he had attempted to deliver the parcel, when he hadn't even knocked on the door when delivering the mail. One of the clerks at the post office freely admitted that he probably didn't even have the package with him when he left the slip. The package was not large, heavy, or awkward.

I had a nice, low-key birthday. I spent much of it hanging out in the bookstore and just walking around. I saw all sorts of things that I never noticed while riding the bus through that neighborhood, like a Scottish bar and a creperie. Further investigation of both establishments may be required. I also took myself out for brunch, where I fielded several congratulatory calls and many, many text messages. It was special without a big fuss.


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