I'm tired, so tired

I'm tired of knitting. Don't ever quote that back to me, or I'll punch you, but it's true. I hate knitting on a deadline and I've got a bunch of them looming over my head. I've also got the added stress of being on probation at work. The new boss is intent on forcing everyone out, so we've got the threat of pink slips hanging over our heads like the sword of Damocles. Naturally, he assured us that exactly the opposite was true, but actions speak louder than words, eh? I've got a lot of tension in my life. My mother thought that was a knitting pun when I said it earnestly last night.

About the prezzies: I've knit one sock and started on the second. It's been ages since I last knit a pair of socks, so I've had to consult the knitting reference books. Not that I was ever too sharp on starting a kitchener stitch seam. Maybe, at my leisure, I'd like to knit myself a couple of pairs of socks. I've got a few balls of Lorna's Laces sock yarn in a drawer....
I started on the scarf, for an unnamed cousin, to break up the monotony of tiny, circular knitting. It's knit on number eleven needles, which are anything but small. Not a super exciting project, but I think I can get it done in a timely fashion. I just feel that I can't not knit. I apologize for the double negative, but idle hands seem wasteful at the moment.
I was screensucking the other day when I found the solution to an old UFO. A couple of years ago (which is nothing in the world of craft UFOs, I've been told), I knit up the body of a color block raglan pullover in a rich, subtly variegated navy wool. I planned to make the sleeves a complementary green color that can only be described at goose shit green. The pattern wasn't for contrast color sleeves and my estimates off, so I didn't have enough yarn to finish. I bought a limey yarn instead that just wasn't right and the project fell into neglect. Well, Webs had the yarn in question on sale. It was a coup de foudre. I can knit up a couple of sleeves in a hurry and have that project finished in no time. That is, once the birthday season is over. Oh, and the manufacturer doesn't call it goose shit green, but rather lima bean. A matter of semantics.
Inspired by stories all over the net about an intrepid knitter who made a pair of Charlie Card mittens, I finally broke down and got a Chicago Card, after years of resistance. I don't quite approve of the CTA having my credit card info, but the reduced fare is a real incentive. Also, it's kind of Star Trekky to pay your fare through RFID. It arrived with surprising speed and now I understand why everyone complains of their fragility. It doesn't make sense to use cards that become brittle and snap in the cold in Chicago. It's cold here about six months out of the year! I kept telling my friends that the Oyster Card in London is much better made, comes with a case, etc. Well, I decided to put my Chicago Card in the Oyster case to protect it and in removing the Oyster card, discovered that it is made from the same card stock. I guess I'd never removed it from its case before.
Well, back to the salt mines. A few good DVDs just arrived from Netflix, so I can veg out and knit in front of the telly. Oh and the Oscars are tonight, but I suspect that they're not good kntting programming. Too much suspense. Still, I won't miss the In Memoriam reel, even if it means putting down the needles for ten minutes.


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