I've been to a marvellous party

This week has been a sort of drawn out emotional affair. My much adored, incredibly spirited boss decided to leave the company and Thursday was his last day. Tuesday night, the night of a veritable blizzard, we took him out for dinner at a local Cajun place. The weather was so fierce that we felt like Hillary climbing Everest just trying to navigate the unplowed streets on foot. At one point, we even formed a human chain to weather a fierce headwind. There is no such thing as a gentle breeze during a Chicago winter. You would think that the rotten weather and emotional state would make for a downer of an evening, but it was the best time that I've had in ages. I'm really going to miss the former boss, even though I only started working there a few months ago. I'm very grateful that he hired me when I was totally burnt out and brought me into the wonderful, dysfunctional family of our department.
I'm multitasking at the moment. I'm making sweater soup. It's like Duck Soup, but without the Marx Brothers and has a lot more alpaca. I put the first sweater in for a soak and headed off to my trusty Mac to check my email. When I returned to add a dash of Woolite, all of the water had mysteriously drained from the tub and there was a cat standing over the sweater. He was remarkably unconcerned when I reseated the stopper and turned the water on. He watched its slow approach and only fled when his feet got wet. He must have been attracted to the wet wool smell, though he is possessive of the bath tub. I got up today and felt full of energy. Quickly, I seized upon the idea of washing a few long-neglected sweaters. The alpaca, for example, has never been blocked. The manufacturer claims that it has good stitch definition, but what that yarn does is make my stitches look all wonky, despite all efforts at calm, even knitting. It will block out. I fear that my enthusiasm in this endeavor will quickly outstrip flat places to lay out the sweaters. I'll probably wash out the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino again, since the last effort didn't really unkink it. I don't usually feel so industrious on Saturdays.


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