Another Manic Monday

It wasn't really manic, but I did come strolling into work five minutes late as the new boss was introducing himself. Eek. This happened, I maintain, because of the snow. I couldn't make the absolutely early enough to make a good impression train because my car was covered in snow. Maybe I would have anticipated that if I hadn't been busy making yarn ramen out of an abandoned WIP in black acrylic Phildar yarn. I know, acrylic, ick, but it has a great hand, I already have it, and it's treated with some sort of anti-microbial agent. Really, I'm not too worried about the first impression because one of my coworkers later showed up with a giant cheeto handprint on her shirt, directly over one of her breasts. I actually considered for a minute if the handprint was hers or someone else's, but either way, it looked bad.
In other news, I started working on another Jemima. I'm being a bit firmer with my gauge this time around, as the first one is a bit slouchier than I would like. It probably just needs a good wash and block. The new one has a medium grey edge and opulent red (almost maroon) body, and is unlikely to have been made from the same pattern as the first, pastel model. I think hematite buttons will be just the thing for it.


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