Day Seventeen. No Medal for Me

The Winter Games are over and my sweater isn't finished. Would I have finished it if I hadn't caught the flu and the money bug? I don't know. I need cash for my trip, so I am somewhat resistant to guilt in that direction. So far, I have knit on the yukata: both sleeves, the back, and the left front. I started the right front tonight, after a small family gathering. I will continue to work on the yukata, even though my fake deadline has passed. My real deadline looms: March 21st. I want to wrap up a couple of WIPs before I cross the pond.
I've been trying to figure out whether or not I will need a transformer for my cell phone charger while travelling. My ipod is dual voltage, because the people at Apple are smart, but it is unclear if Samsung is similarly hip. I tried their website, but it was pointless, as was calling their 800 #, which wasn't staffed on Sundays. Apparently, people don't use electronics on the lord's day! So, I called my cell phone company. They used some very circular logic in telling me that my charger is dual voltage (as in, I said I bought it while I was on vacation, which is true, and they said that it must work dual voltage then. I was in PA at the time!), then suggested that I buy a new phone for my trip. I work in telesales, so I understand the need to upsell, but holy shit! I know that my current phone works in Europe, which might not be the case with a different phone. Clearly, I can't believe what the phone co's reps say, as they are adept at blowing smoke up asses. Maybe I'll try Samsung again tomorrow. There's no real rush, but I bought a transformer--just in case--and was told that I can return it in 30 days if it turns out that I don't need it. I'd like to figure that out sooner rather than later.


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