This I Do For Myself

Should I feel guilty about knitting for myself? Lately, I've felt a twinge while thinking about all the intended presents languishing as I work on a sweater. I halted production on the big projects to make a pair of fingerless gloves (adapted from SnB Nation). Alas, there is no pic of the finished product. I had a very clear idea of the photo I wanted, the gloves displayed on crossed jazz hands, but it's very difficult to take a picture of both of your own hands! You'll just have to use your imagination. The recipient of the gloves was very excited, putting them on immediately over his jacket, in a style favored by Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. Adorably dorky. He also reports that he can play the piano with them on.
So, what other little projects am I neglecting these days? A hat for Sarah, even though I've already made another one and just not mailed it. The 75% finished scarf for Margaret, the musical director at work, which will be her "leaving the show" present. Fingerless gloves for myself and Rita. Maybe this cold weather will light a fire under that project! A hat for myself, again. I hate windy winter weather.
Though it wouldn't take much time to finish any of these projects, it would take me away from the lovely top down cashmerino sweater that I am making for myself. I want to wear that sweater in Europe this spring! And, as it is 6 stitches to the inch, that isn't going to happen overnight! Yesterday was a red letter day on that project. I finally finished the interminable raglan increases. The rows are much shorter without all the sleeve stitches. A very pleasant surprise. Now it feels as though I'm actually making progress on the sweater.
When other knitters hear that I am knitting something for myself, there is an interesting reaction. This is a rare beast, the self-project. Non-knitters seem to think that we (knitters) live to make things for other people, not factoring in the time and skill required to make those gifts. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy making presents for my friends-- sometimes-- as I choose, but it can get to be too much. That's when those old feminist ideas pop into my head as I knit frantically in front of the tv. I don't exist to take care of other people's needs (wool, acrylic, or emotional). Why should I put other people's wants ahead of my own in my hobby? So, if I promised you a present and you haven't gotten it, I'm sorry, but this week is not a good week to ask.
Hateful sweater update: I tore it apart. No, I didn't rend it. I carefully pulled out the side seams and removed the sleeves. A futile attempt was made to sew in a sleeve in a less poufy manner. Impossible. The sleeve cap is inherently poufy. That would be less of a problem if the shoulder seams actually sat on my shoulder. They don't, ad they should. I don't have small shoulders, so you draw your own conclusion. So, I will knit new sleeves for the sweater. The fabulous drug rug sweater has very adaptable sleeves for this pattern. Really, I just want to be done with this project. Now is the time of year for cozy sweaters!


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