I decided to take the plunge and join Team Wales in the Knitting Olympics. I was always crap at sports, so these will be my only olympic games. I stuck my pin in the Team Wales Frappr map (what a cool program!) and hope not to cripple myself with such goal-oriented knitting. Look here for updates on my "event" project, the lovely merlot yukata.
Today was a return to form in Chicago weather. The cruel north wind blows and blows and snow swirls all around. Today, it was snowing weird couscous-like clumps. The snow looked art directed. As I walked past the skating rink in Millenium Park, I felt a pang of jealousy. I haven't been skating since they moved it from block 37 (or is it 39? You know, across the street from Marshall Fields), but I was on my way to job #2. Also, I've never quite developed a fondness for sports that involve freezing your ass off. I guess that's another reason why the Knitting Olympics are more my speed than the Winter Games.
Fortunately, I had the new St Etienne cd to keep me in a good mood as I made my way from NE Indiana to the Loop. Not a pleasant drive in the snow, but once I hit the Skyway things improved immensely. Soooo much better than 80-94. I haven't really listened to St Etienne in the past, though I knew some of their popular songs. The album was recommended to me by iTunes. I have such eclectic listening patterns that their recommendations can be laughable, but I think this was a good one. It's in the same category as Nouvelle Vague, Morcheeba, et al. Sort of Portishead meets Bebel Gilberto. It was very calming during my commute, but more of a sunny weather sound.


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