Around the Clear Com

All of my theatre friends already know of the interesting discussions that occur on the Clear Com. Things that would probably be far less riveting if not conveyed through a low voltage party system. Tonight, at work, I told the musical director about my decision to plow ahead with the Knitting Olympics, despite my flu. I was pretty self-pitying yesterday and got absolutely no knitting done, for all my sniffling and coughing. Today, however, I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of knitting and finished sleeve #2 (yay!) and started the back piece. I explained to Margaret that I'd heard a piece on NPR about one of the male figure skaters competing despite an attack of the stomach flu. I figure if he can skate through the flu, I can knit through it! Margaret, who was already very supportive of the KO, was very tickled by my being inspired by this athletic tale. To cheer me on, she and the band played a little Copland and the Olympic theme during their tuning. I was tickled pink! I don't know if I will be able to finish the Olympic sweater on time, but I am glad that I haven't quit!
Speaking of the flu.... This morning, I was blissed out in a cold/flu druggy daze when I heard a clatter from the kitchen. I'd left a glass of orange juice sitting on the counter and my darling cat had gone up there to investigate. There was juice and broken glass everywhere! Winston stood on the counter in that classic Halloween cat pose, realizing that he was caught. I had to get him out of the kitchen before I could attack the mess, gingerly picking up slivers of glass while indelicately breathing through my mouth. I suspect Winston was trying to drink the orange juice (why do cats think they can drink oj?), when he knocked the glass off the counter. He's such a little nut sometimes, but I wasn't laughing about it this morning!
My speaking voice has been affected by all this. This time, instead of doing its usually younger Brady brother thing, it's more like Kathleen Turner. Finally, a sultry sick voice! I'll have to be careful while doing my Telefund work not to sound too much like a phone sex operator!


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