Marathon time

I'm not going to get a gold medal in the KO this year. Maybe in two years, if one gets together for the summer games in 2008. I felt pretty confident about finishing the yukata last week. Then I got a fast flu. Lousy energy, diminished breathing, and increased sleep do not do good things for one's knitting time. Then I got the opportunity to work my hours at my hourly gig. As many as I want, not exceeding forty hours. Well, I'm still running the turkey show, so there's no chance of my exceeding forty hours. Even though I always try to knit a little on the train, I'm just not keeping up with my Olympic sweater. So far, I've knit the sleeves and the back. Not a small accomplishment, but I've still to knit the fronts, fairly wide sash, and collar. The sash and collar are in double moss stitch. That's not going to happen before Sunday unless every day between now and then magically has 36 hours. I'm still going to keep at it, because I don't want to have a dozen UFOs kicking around. The right front is about halfway done, so it is entirely possible that this project could take off after the show and marathon close. Oh, and I'd like to finish my top-down raglan before I go to Europe. And wouldn't it be great if I could finally finish that collar for my Phildar Cecilia cardigan? It all starts to weigh me down.

Today was a very Spring-like day. It was fifty degrees out, in February, in Chicago! I wore my new floral skirt from H&M. It was purchased during a paycheck high, while thinking about my trip to Europe. Like many techies, I wear jeans nearly every day. I do not want to wear jeans every day, especially not while I am traveling. When I saw this skirt, I pictured it with my wedgewood blue boucle cardigan, looking Continental. I wore said outfit today, which generated a lot of comments at work (works? both places). It falls below the knee on me and has a navy lace edging. It's even lined, which is rare at the super cheap, fast fashion giant H&M. I should wear skirts more often. And pants that aren't jeans. Not together.
I also think this skirt would look terrific with the Something Red sweater that Wendy's showing on Knit and Tonic. It would really pop those little red flowers in the print. Just what I need, eh, another project? I told one of my friends that I'd knit a pair of fingerless gloves for his wife's birthday. I've never met his wife, so they're not a present from me. I gave him a pair as an opening present a couple of weeks ago and I guess he wears them all the time. He was telling me on the phone that she tries to steal them from him and she shouted in the background that she has a birthday coming up. Damn, non-knitters can be ballsy! I told him that he and I could work something out, that I have a few projects for me that come first. But I'm going to be on those long transatlantic flights, the chunnel train, etc, which will be excellent small project time. This will also require a trip to one of my favorite LYSes, but with a non-knitter. Could be highly amusing or irritating. We'll see. We'll see after the show closes.


Anonymous said...

sometimes non-knitters forget how much time it takes to knit something, even something like a scarf takes alot of time and effort.... silly people...


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