Holy shit, I leave for Europe in less than two weeks and I haven't finished any of my knitting projects. I just keep working and working on, well, paid projects instead of knitting. Still, I think I'm in good shape as far as my vacation is concerned. My tickets for the concert at the Barbican have already arrived in the mail! No sign of my opera ticket, and I cannot remember if I asked them to hold it at will call. That's a little troubling.
My show is closed now and it's on to another show. Maybe that's what I'll keep calling it.... So, the old show closed on Sunday. It was just another show to me, but there were the usual teary goodbyes in the dressing room. It was a little strange to think that it would be the last time that we do the show, but I was ready for it to close. So, I've had a couple of days of only working one job, which is oddly luxurious. Then, yesterday, I started on Another Show. Or I was supposed to, but discovered that the sound designer had left two hours before my arrival (without calling). Oh, and the production is four days behind. And there's no board op. The pay is so paltry that I wouldn't think for a minute of taking it, and the producers want to make it more complex. Ugh. Why must all producers suffer from a case of short arms when it comes to the sound budget?
Today, I took the day off. The plan was to work on Another Show, but they're way behind. I could have put in a few hours at the straight gig, but instead I had my first day off since January 30th. Thank god. I didn't run a bunch of errands like I should have. I read a book. I knit. I took a nap. Life is good.


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