Today is a pretty blah day. Our beautiful fifty degree weather has come to a wet, grey end. It's January again. Thank goodness I have so many things to occupy me indoors--and no pressing engagements.
Last night, I finally gave the script of my next show a good read. Yikes. I have done plenty of lousy plays in my time, but this is a real turkey. The prospect of seeing it thirty-odd times doesn't thrill me. That's why they call it work. Still, this is going to be a big change from my last show.

I have started a new project, a beautiful top-down raglan sweater designed by Wendy Bernard. A new project makes me feel a wee bit guilty, as I've a few going already. Still, I just finished a project, so it's just maintaining equilibrium. The sweater is knit at a mind-numbing six stitches to the inch on size five needles. This sweater isn't moving nearly as fast as my #11 wonders, but it's more refined. Look at the elegant raglan seams. There aren't any real seams in the garment (a big plus for someone who hates seaming projects). These are a clever illusion created by mirrored increases. Even though it isn't instant gratification material, I really enjoy working on this.


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