Knitting fulfillment

I bought a sweater last night. Seems like cheating, especially since I had that stereotypical knitter thought recently: I could go for quite a while without buying a sweater. That was in response to my WIP/UFO list. The sweater is a deep purple angora blend cowl neck, purchased at Target for the princely sum of $6.24. Soft, cozy, and cheap-- how could I resist?
So, here's a rundown of my UnFinished Objects and Works In Progress. I need some sort of knitting/life coach to tackle all this, but in the mean time, I'll do my own analysis.
Here are all of my projects and the reasons why I haven't finished them:
* Colinette Tagliatelle moss stitch scarf, a gift for Margaret.
This has been lingering on the xmas back burner. I justify it by thinking that I have until opening to finish it.
* Socks in Lorna's Laces watercolor for Grandma Helen
I had a xmas reality check regarding knitting presents. No rush to finish now.
* Auracania colorblock raglan pullover
I bought three balls of Nature Wool in an electric shade of green to finally make the sleeves. Now all I need is to get around to it.
* Phildar mod sweater.
Love it, totally lost in short row instructions en francais. Ordered a translation of the pattern from Canada.
* Phildar Cecilia wrap cardigan
Missing collar piece. Ordered a replacement skein from Canada. I have a sneaking suspicion that the lost piece will be found in the clusterfuck of cables under the mixer at work.
* Colinette wrap cardigan from the latest issue of Interweave Knits
In progress. Will have to think out front neck shaping, as I think I have found an error in the pattern.
* Top down, cashmerino sweater
My current fave. Oh, those tiny needles!

* Kureyon fingerless gloves.
Maybe I can work the thumb better this time.
* Two pairs of laceup fingerless gloves in Malabrigo.
Purple for me and green for Rita. Should get moving on these while it's still cold!
* Phildar (see a pattern developing here. I can't even buy it in the States and I've become a Phildar addict!) Onde cardigan
I've had this kit stashed since 2004, but hope springs eternal.
* Another yukata, in Tahki Cotton Classic.
This time, not swimmingly large. The yarn is a beautiful burgundy, but I must be a real masochist to remake this pattern. And I'm not a big fan of cotton.
* A Malabrigo hoodie, for me this time.
Lewis proclaimed that it would never look good on a woman and that I should give him this one too. Then I told him that he was wearing a ladies' sweater. I switched my (back)order from Bobby Blue to Polygala, a lively violet.
* A couple of rolled brim hats, in Manos
* Something out of R2 Print, maybe a handbag.
I bought it to make a poncho, but the time for that has passed. Sometimes a little procrastination goes a long way.
* A scarf out of Cascade Quatro and Rowan Kidsilk Haze, originally purchased to make a pair of legwarmers.
* More boucle scarves

Oh, and I'd love to make:
* Phildar Fall '04 couture jacket, tres elegante!
* My beloved Phildar boucle cardigan ("the Paris sweater") in other colors

In other news, I am trying to pull together my faux spring break. I realized yesterday that if I want to get decent prices on the flights, I need to stop being an indecisive Pisces. So, I hit all the usual travel sites: Orbitz, Travelocity, BA, American, Air France, etc. That was an interesting exercise in price comparisons. If you're going to Europe, it is cheaper to fly to London and catch a commuter flight than to take a direct flight. That's the advice that everyone dispenses. But what about cheap flights to London? Funnily enough, I discovered that it's cheaper to fly to Dublin and hop another flight (One euro before taxes! Gotta love it!) to London. However, if I tell the airline that I'm flying from Chicago to London, it routes me the same way and charges me another $100! Fleece the Americans, eh? Actually, I think the price difference has to do with the ridiculous federal taxes here in the States being levied on both legs of the trip, instead of just the transatlantic flight. I was initially surprised by all the cheap flights from Chicago to Ireland, then I had to laugh. Of course there are lots of flights between here and there, the city is full of Irish-Americans!


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