I will not develop startitis. I will not start a dozen projects at once. Really, I swear! I am sorely tempted to start on this yarn though. I went to Nina yesterday and bought a couple of skeins of Malabrigo, the yarn that I used for Lewis's excellent sweater, to make fingerless gloves for Rita. Oh, and a pair for me while I'm at it. The Hannah silk ribbon took a trip to a second yarn shop today, while I had a strong bar smell about me. Not that nasty, uncleaned tap drain smell, but the musty cigarette smell that is quite out of place in a yarn shop. I was a wee bit self-conscious, but I don't go there very often. My fingerless gloves from last year got a very-predictable hole under one of the thumbs, through which I would inevitably put my thumb. That's no good. I really like them, but I recall thinking as I made them that the thumb wasn't very well engineered. Time has proved me right.
How did I get that bar smell, you ask? Well, I went out with Rita and drank like we were in college again. Rita knew the bartender and we lured Ken and Joe there to join in the fun. Everyone's got some sort of theatre connection in this town. I drank, I think, five gloggs. I wasn't really counting, which is rare for me. We shut the place down. The room spun as I lay in bed last night. It's been a long time since that happened. My liver isn't an undergrad anymore, so this can't become a regular occurence. Still, I can see how people become regulars there. I had a great time hanging out there with my friends.

Here's a photo of Lewis in his sweater. He looks so happy about it that you can't tell that he's miserable with pneumonia. When I gave it to him, he put it on, looked at himself in the mirror, then declared that he wants to be buried in it. Just a wee bit morbid. I imagined keeping it in a drawer and taking it out every once in a while to wear and think about him, but he can have it his way.

I'm taking a break from my Colinette sweater. I realized that if I want to get a Valentine's gift to someone in the UK, I need to hustle to get it in the mail. So, I started on this funky boucle scarf. I picked up the yarn when I took back my freaky identical secret santa gift. There's nothing as appealing to a knitter as free yarn. The structure of the yarn is a bit tricky to stitch, but I've worked with worse. The fabric has a muppet-like quality, with lots of texture and surprising density. Check out the funny contrast with my old man pyjama pants.


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