I'm in the home stretch on Lewis's sweater. Only the hood remains to be knit. That sounds small, doesn't it? Sadly, it's 26 inches long, with a moss stitch border, so not as quick moving as I would hope. As I was knitting it last night, I actually thought that I might like to start sewing the sweater together, as a change of pace. I hate finishing sweaters, because it can make or break a garment. You can spend weeks knitting beautifully and ruin the garment in an hour of bad sewing. Eeek. Instead, I read a refresher on finishing, which was very exciting. Very good tips on sewing sleeves to a body, though the ilustration was pretty humorous, showing the stitches between armhole and sleeve like big shark's teeth. Now I face a decision: do I want to put dangly cords on the hood? The sweater is shown with them, but they're pure ornament. That can't be used to cinch up the hood, so I don't see the point. And I'm afraid they might be a bit dainty for a man's sweater, but suspect that they may hide some horrible join between neckline and hood. Hmmm... And, well, I'm looking forward to starting my next project.
One of my regular online reads, blue blog, pointed me in two delightful new directions: another knitting blog and a knitting podcast. The blog, knit and tonic has some delightful designs and great attitude. I even bought one of her patterns, the Somewhat Cowl, which I hope to make soon. You know, after all of my current things. I think it's swell (you can check it out here) and plan to make it up in teal Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I snapped up a millpack of it on ebay on the cheap recently.
The second find was a knitting podcast, Cast On. It seems like it wouldn't be very interesting, as knitting is very visual. Maybe I like the idea of knitting podcast because it brings out my supernerd: knitting and sound all in one! The podcast is like having a long (one-sided) chat with a friend, with excellent music breaks. Highly recommended!
You're probably wondering why I haven't referenced that photo yet. It was attached to an email from one of my knitting comrades from Sound of Music. Other people had a lot of free time on that show..


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