The sweater

Look, I'm wearing Lewis's sweater! I had to try it on to make sure that it wasn't oddly misshapen. It has sleeves of a length appropriate for long man arms, but way too long for me! It's very cozy. Makes me wish that it was for me (minus oddly long sleeves)! So, I'll just have to make another one. Not identical, though, unless Lewis and I want to look like the Supertwins. Maybe I'll make mine a bit more girly.
I was totally stumped as to how to attach the hood. It's a big rectangle, with a border, not hood shaped at all. The pattern very helpfully says, "sew hood on". I guess safety pins are only a stopgap measure! So, I put out a call for help on the SnB listserv. Then I realized, I just have to fold it in half. Simple knitting origami. I feel like such a little idiot!

Here's a picture of part of a sweater that I plan to keep. It's the second sleeve, in progress, of my Colinette wrap sweater. This is my third project with their yarn and I totally love it. If only it wasn't so goddamned expensive in this country! It's going fairly quick, on the same needles that I used for the glorified drug rug for Lewis. That name would probably give its designer a conniption fit, but that's what it looks like! I've got some crazy, ambitious plan to knit a sweater a month this year, or as long as my hands can take it.


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