Tearing Back and Moving Forward

That damn ballet wrap sweater! I was nearly finished with one of the front pieces when I realized that I'd missed an "at the same time" in the pattern. I had to tear out 10" of knitting because the pattern couldn't integrate the neck shaping, armhole shaping, and at the same time into some sort of chronological set of instructions. Most knitters will tell you how much they hate "at the same time" instructions, but this was a third set of instructions to juggle at once! Yes, it is kinda my fault for missing them in the first place, but that doesn't make me any less exasperated! So, I go back and remedy that problem, then proceed. I knit for hours before realizing that the neck shaping instructions are flawed, flawed, flawed. I checked the pattern. I checked my gauge. I counted the stitches and compared the piece to the back. Not bloody possible. So, I checked the magazine's site for errata (none yet!), sent them an email, and set out to noodle the neck myself. I'll try to avoid this designer in the future.
My back-ordered Malabrigo is back-ordered no longer. It is sitting in a box in my living room. I long to work on it, as sweater weather has returned to Chicago. I know it would be a breeze to finish on big old elevens, except I'm using them on the Colinette project. And I've got the beautiful Cashmerino project running in rep with the ballet wrap. I'd feel guilty, even though I am rarely project monogamous. The Cashmerino cowl has gotten to the point that the rows are insanely long and therefore less appealing to knit. It took me fifteen minutes to do a purl row! Soon, it will be joined in the round. Projects in the round don't seem to drag on. Funny, since it doesn't take that long to turn a flat piece to start the next row. Oh, well.


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