So, I managed to get out of bed yesterday long enough to check my email and make a to-do list that, of course, remains unfulfilled. Today is much of the same, though I managed to get up before noon. Sounds like a life of leisure, no? Well, I'm making up for some serious lost sleep! Actually, I'm feeling low today, listening to an old Ben Folds Five cd and looking for my next gig. Sigh. I'm missing the war. Not the war with Iraq. BFF fans will understand the reference. Oh, why do I still take it so hard when I don't get what I want? Sometimes it's hard to be a pisces....
What I should feel is bad about forgetting my cousin's birthday! It was a couple days ago, but I still have his birthday card sitting on my coffee table. Sorry, Mike. I hope that you had a good one.
I picked up the jaquard socks again. I may have the first one finished today or tomorrow. Hard to say. They look excellent, so I have the satisfaction of making a beautiful product, at least. I'm not terribly motivated towards knitting now.


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