Things I Like: a list

Jawoll Jacquard sock yarn. Awesome effect with no additional effort on my part. Great colorways.
Minidiscs. How can you explain the appeal of these av candies? They're a flexible format and cute to boot.
Bitch Magazine. They listed MDs in their things we like list last issue. New issue arrived in my mailbox today.
Knitting. Of course. I want Lewis to learn to knit so we can work on projects together.
Tori Amos. Since the early 1990s.
Warm spring days, like today.
My cell phone. A professional necessity. I know I lived without one, but I wouldn't want to again.
Ribbed Old Navy tanks. Not as pretty as the ones I used to wear, but pretty rugged. I'm wearing one now.
Doc Martens. I've loved 'em since high school, but they're not the fashion statement they used to be.


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