Lost and Found
Today is a beautiful day. So wonderful, in fact, that it inspires me to dig out my trusty Birkenstocks. Alas, I cannot find a matched pair of any of my sandals. Perhaps that is for the best, since I recently lost a toenail. It wasn't traumatic, but it is kind of gross to look at. I cannot believe that all of my sandals are lost.
While looking for sandals, I came upon a cache of cds that I'd assumed lost or stolen. Excellent entertainment, bad footwear. It was a hard decision, but I gave Grupo Corpo the first spin. GP is an incredibly successful modern dance company in Brazil. The music is perfect for this weather. Also found: Carole King Tapestry and Ani DiFranco Living in Clip, as well as a Tori Amos cd that I'd already replaced. Maybe it will be a gift soon....
Also found: a minidisc that I can rewrite, and a minidisc case (they might be related, hard to tell). Hypothetically, I can rewrite any of my minidiscs, but the contents of this disc are truly disposable.


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