I'm in the midst of a redesign. The untitled status is only temporary, as is the "this is where you put information about yourself". I can't find the code for that, or there would be random information about myself, like recurring dreams, favorite website links, etc. One thing at a time, though. What do you think of the new template? This is the template that I used when I began this blog almost a year ago. A bit more exciting than the monochromatic statement I've made lately, and similar to my poster design for the Core of Culture benefit.

The benefit went very well, though the event really needed a stage manager. I was running camera b, so I couldn't really call the show as well. Prajwal was lovely and charming, as were most of the people in attendance. The staff at the Chase are really laid back, but not lazy. The Chase is a little gem of a space: an old hotel run by a group of techies and design students. I hope to work there again.


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