Wow. I went to my blog and found that the ad banner was actually related to the content of the site and not something that bothers me. I suppose if it really bothered me, I could shell out the cash to have the banner removed. If I were going to spend money on this site, I'd get the image hosting upgrade or the audioblog option. Alas, none of these things will come to pass in the near future.

My birthday has come and gone, leaving presents and a slight weariness. I've had a week of birthday, which was strangely tiring. Still, no complaints. It's good to be appreciated and get cake and presents. I took a cake to the show on Saturday, to celebrate. One of the actresses and I share a birthday. It was lovely. Joseph danced for us and had a discussion about kabuki, dance preservation, and the use of chorus in greek drama.

The weather has been quite condusive to good moods, though my uncle told me that it will be back in the forties again soon. Sad. Still, I can stay inside and listen to all my birthday cds and watch my new dvd of Waiting for Guffman. The dvd features more scene in the musical that weren't in the theatrical release. One of the actors told me that Christopher Guest has a new movie coming out soon, lampooning the folk music movement. I think that there was a small write-up of it in this month's Vanity Fair.

My grandmother gave me the Verve Remixed cd, which is highly excellent. I think I'll take it to work to play during sound check. I have to maintain my reputation of good taste. Or at least eclectic taste. I'm thinking of burning a mix cd of different things that I've played during sound check to give to the actors at closing. I like this group. It's strange to think that we only have two weeks left on the production.

My grandfather's sock is to the heel flap on the first sock. I haven't been motivated to knit during the show lately. The pattern in the yarn is quite beautiful, a vast improvement over the dk weight socks that I gave him last year. My knitting has improved since then. I also have to play knitting fairy for Lewis, who is just learning to knit. He's making a scarf. A scarf that needs to be ripped out again and restarted. Maybe this is the parallel to Penelope's weaving that isn't in the play.

I've been thinking of renaming this blog. A couple of weeks ago, I was explaining the whole project to one of the actors. Back when I was toying with the idea of a paper version. I explained the origin of the title, Reciprocity Failure. It's a technical term from photography, referring to the non linear response of film to light in longer exposures. Any metered exposure at a second or above must be doubled to compensate for diminished chemical response. Kind of dry, huh? Then I pondered the other meaning of respirocity failure in my life and wondered if the title wasn't a bit of a curse. But what else would I call it? My old favorite, Love for Three Oranges, sounds like a site for a starving hooker. Something to ponder.


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