I haven't blogged in ages. Since before my show opened. I was aware of this, in a little shame spiral over the fact, and tried to put together a paper version of Reciprocity Failure. That also withered on the vine, like all those minidiscs I meant to send Willie. So sorry.
Well, my show is open now. Has been for a few weeks. It's a bit routine, which is nice, but the actors still find ways to run off the tracks. That is often the case with live theatre. The production got a Jeff recommendation, which is a big deal. We may or may not be nominated for Jeff citations at the end of the season.
So I was riding high over the Jeff rec when three really crappy things happened to me, all in one day: I didn't get a job that I really wanted, I tore a large gash in the bottom of my foot (and still have no idea how, but there was plenty of blood), and my mother's cat pissed on my walkman. This is one of the few good things that I will say about Sony: it still works. I wiped it off and gave it a liberal spraying of Lysol. I told one of the actors in the cast this tale of woe and he merely said, "well, it's good to get it all over with in one day". A good attitude to take, I think. I'd taken it as one of the many reversals the universe metes out, but that may be piscean thinking. In any case, my foot healed and I got over not getting the job. And I've finally used the minidisc player (because the cat would never pee on cheap electronics) after weeks of aversion.
I finished knitting the green mountain spinnery sweater, most of it done in the booth during slow scenes. I haven't blocked it yet, which I should do, since I plan to make a second one out of All Seasons Cotton. It's important to establish the proper fit of the garment before starting on a second one from the same pattern. So, while I procrastinate on that, I am knitting socks. I finally finished the brown striped ones that I started while I was on tour, and knit one k3p1 ribbed sock in a gorgeous Koigu colorway. Koigu is very fine. Too fine, perhaps, for mindless theatre knitting. My current project is a pair of Jawoll jacquard socks for my grandfather's upcoming birthday. The lovely sisters at Arcadia Knitting helped me pick out the yarn. They have excellent taste. I think it's good to be back in a sock mode. They're more portable a project and people always seem impressed with the apparent complexity of the project.
My birthday is tomorrow. I'm having a week of birthday, because of all the crazy schedules involved. I celebrated it yesterday over lunch with my maternal grandparents. I'll celebrate it tomorrow-sort of-with my mother, then on Saturday with the cast. One of the actresses and I share a birthday, which seems an odd coincidence given how small the group is. And I have a TBA gathering with my Johnson relatives. I told my grandmother that I am fairly inflexible about moving my birthday celebration this year, due to my work schedule. I have only three nights off a week, and I need some rest after four nights of running the show. I begin these arrangements happily every year, then slowly fill with dread. It's such a pain in the ass dealing with large groups.
My mother mysteriously bought Margaret Cho's concert album, Notorious C.H.O. This is an unusual choice for her, but I doubt she knew how graphic the material was when she purchased it. Graphic makes it sound bad, which it's not. It's just something that I don't want to listen to with my mom, or imagine my mom listening to.
I'm looking for another gig, for after this one closes. I sent the Goodman an email, which was very promptly answered, but I am not holding my breath. And I think I may have blown my chance with Steppenwolf, but it's worth giving them a follow up call to my unanswered email. I am not as persistent as I perhaps should be, but I'm afraid of being pushy or desperate. And I can be both.


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