The hat that I made for Lewis turned out too small. And I can't stand to tear out an entire project. I tried it on myself after weaving the ends in and discovered that it was *tight*. Sure enough, I had a gauge error: 4.5 stitches to the inch instead of 4. Maybe Lewis and I know someone with a small head to give the hat to. I dunno. I think that my natural gauge has tightened up again. When I first started knitting, my gauge was insanely tight, but it had relaxed a bit over the past year.
A few words about work:
I talked to the director on the phone today. I was a bit disappointed that he'd decided against having a group talk with the cast about inconsistencies in performance. I had a list. Instead, he opted to call them all individually. I don't know how effective that tack will be, but I've decided that my summer camp approach to stage management must come to an end. I've decided to give line notes again on Thursday, which I haven't done since we went into tech. It shows. I am concerned about the erratic performances, since all audiences deserve to see a quality show, regardless of number, night, etc. Several of the actors came to theatre later in life, so they didn't get the usual lectures in this vein in school. Argh. It's funny having to think about work after watching Waiting for Guffman last night. I'll go on a pure professionalism kick for a couple of days, post some notices backstage, give copious line notes, then slip back into the old routine. This company is just too casual.


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