Today, I was called into work to cover for a sick coworker. No big deal, but it did preempt my plan to watch hours of Law and Order and knit. Maybe take another bubble bath.
My schedule has been a little topsy-turvy lately. I skipped another concert at the Symphony last night; I was just too tired. If I keep this up, they'll stop giving me tickets! Yesterday was a low energy day for a lot of people here, with the grey, rainy sky. I hadn't anticipated the rain and went out without an umbrella, managing to become bedraggled in walking a couple of blocks. At least with the shorter hair I look less like a drowned rat when soaked.
What was important enough to venture out in the rain? A trip to a yarn store, of course. I really *need* more yarn. I'll not even discuss the contents of my stash anymore, but will simply state that I won't need to purchase yarn again for a very long time. Really, I was so pleased by the way that Erica's jacket turned out (as was she, yay!) that I decided to make a similar one for myself. So I worked heading over to Nina into my errands for the day to pick up a few skeins of Malabrigo yarn . Lo and behold, on the counter, she had a swatch made with Malabrigo's new lace weight yarn. I am not a big fan of lace, but this yarn could win me over.
Since I've instituted a new Finish-One-Start-One policy, I have a decision to make. What do I want to make next, now that I've finished Erica's wedding jacket? I have so many projects to choose from!
I had my hair professionally colored on Tuesday. It cost a pretty penny, but I am very happy with the results. It's a medium auburn, with blonde highlights. My hairdresser suggested it the last time I was in and the idea really grew on me. So I gave her carte blanche when I got to the salon. My mother reports that my hair color is famous, since one of the other stylists was talking about it when my mother went in to get her hair cut over the weekend. Hee. I really like it, and it's the right tonal quality to be believable as my natural color. Maybe I'll take a pic the next time I have a good hair day.


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