I've just climbed out of the tub from a very relaxing bath. Aren't most baths relaxing? Hmmm... This was a well-deserved bubble bath, a good end to a long week. I've been a busy, busy girl. I worked every day this week. I'll probably work every day next week as well. Fortunately, I have a lot of bath products.

I actually took a day off from one of my jobs this week. Personal days are a rare thing. I think the last one was in September. I used that precious commodity to attend the opening night of a play that I'll call Oedipus Wreck. James and I had been looking forward to this show for almost a year. We certainly set ourselves up for disappointment. I went to the theatre with a great sense of anticipation, expecting the show to be absolutely amazing or an absolute piece of shit. I can safely say that I cannot recall the last time that I have spent such a night at the theatre. It was so incredibly bad, and yet not bad enough to be enjoyable as camp. There were free drinks afterward, and careful phrases were uttered, such as "The actors had excellent enunciation". In spite of the play, I had a wonderful time. I got to see all the old gang, while feeling and looking fabulous. A little self-esteem and MAC go a long way! I miss (almost) everyone from that gig, but I am so much better off now that I work elsewhere.

After making up a couple of lost hours at the posh job, I was left with some unexpected free time. First, I killed time at a chain bookstore. I'm fairly shameless about free reads, but not at indie stores. The indies also don't carry my free reads of choice, trashy magazines like Cosmo and Us Weekly.

Then I headed down to Loopy Yarns, on State Street, for a yarn tasting. No actual yarn was consumed in this endeavor. It was a really great marketing idea: allowing knitters to make tiny swatches of the new summer yarns to tempt them into buying. There were some that I will definitely not buy. And there are the eight skeins of Hemp for Knitting AllHemp6 that followed me home. The plan is to make the sweater pictured, left, but without the ruffles. I'm really not a ruffle person. Besides, they involve casting on a suspicious number of stitches.

The highlight of the evening, though, was meeting Franklin, the author of the Panopticon. He was just as witty in person. I was at my fag-haggy, Dorothy Parker loving best. There was a very clever group of knitters at our table, keeping the repartee at the cracking pace of an About Town column in the New Yorker. I had such a wonderful time that I hope they will do another tasting for the Fall/Winter yarns. Because I need more yarn for my stash. These projects just keep finding me, I swear!


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