So, my rant against itunes was undeserved. I just need to be more patient about my instant-gratification music purchases. I downloaded the new Pink Martini album. It is excellent, as expected. They're going to be at Ravinia this year. Maybe I'll have to take the train up. If I can take a train to Montreal to go to one of their concerts, I suppose I can make a trip to the North Shore.
Okay, I just dropped $87 at the Ravinia store. Now I'm back. I'm a bit of a populist, so I opted for lawn seats for my three Jazz events. This will undoubtedly put me on the CSO mailing list and result in phone calls from my department. Sigh.
Had a pretty good weekend. I ran a bunch of errands yesterday, including visits to Trader Joe's, Arcadia Knitting, and Art Effect. I bought a bunch of snacks (never go to TJ's while hungry!) and a six pack of perry, a few skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton to make tiny sweaters, and a necklace with an oak leaf pendant. I even avoided the temptation to shop when I went to the Armitage Lush for another fitting with Erica. Very good.
We had a skincare training session at work. It was kind of odd to see all of my coworkers without makeup. None of us are ogres or anything, but we all wear makeup on a regular basis. We're starting a focus on skincare soon, so I'm hoping that my skin will cooperate. It's so much easier to sell product when my skin looks fabulous. I never tell people that it's the result of recessive genes and faithfully washing my face before going to bed.
Well, must get back to the fiber. I've been winding yarn on the swift and knitting like crazy the past couple of days. I must have had a fiber craving or something.


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