I wish I could quit you, itunes store. You tempt me to spend large sums of cash in the middle of the night. You even have an area of music "just for me". You even convinced me to give Belle and Sebastian a chance after years of avoidance. But why, why, why, don't you have the new Pink Martini album? It dropped today and you finally have a deal with their record label, but no new album. I need my vintage Cuban ballroom music, damn it! BTW, they're going to be at Ravinia this summer and I plan to rock it on the lawn. I'll be the one with the knitting and empties.

I just stocked up on knitting/train riding music. That is, anything but dance. I bought the new Rufus Wainwright album the second it dropped as well as Dolores Riordan's solo album. DR is an old favorite of mine, since the Cranberries were really big when I was in high school. Yes, I am officially old. The Rufus album is amazing. I've been off him for a while lately. I haven't loved one of his albums since Poses. The new album could change that. Highly recommended.

Why the new *knitting* music? Well, I've taken on another commission. One of the gals from work is getting married soon and had a big deadline knitting realization. So she emailed me. Yay! I'm apparently a walking advertisement for my knitting skills. I went to pick up the yarn yesterday, a gorgeous blue purple wool single by Malabrigo. The colorway is violetas and I swear it smelled of violets when I untwisted the skeins. I'm a secret romantic, so I am pretty excited about making Erica's wedding jacket. So, no long commutes spent looking pensively out the window or reading the New Yorker. I've got knitting business!


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